Vedic fire puja

Sacred fire ceremonies (pūjās) are powerful practices that help connect us with universal energy.

Pūjās can be offered with a specific intent or prayer – for healing, peace, blessings, empowerment and more.

Vedic fire pūjā

These ancient Vedic ceremonies are a gateway to commune with the infinite spirit, with nature, cosmic energies, to feed and support the elemental energies of the natural world and carry our prayers to higher dimensions. They are an active form of meditation, an opportunity to immerse in beauty, to celebrate the act of giving, to connect with community and to celebrate milestones.

Special ceremonies can be offered as part of celebrations and rituals, beginnings, transitions, endings as well as at new and full moon.

Illuminating and transformational

Experience the wonder and blessings of these sacred Vedic practices. Call or email for more details to arrange a ceremony in your local community. This can be combined with sacred music sessions (kīrtan) and mantra – an uplifting, inspiring and interactive community experience that brings profound blessings.


Vedic fire puja