Meditation Through Mantra, Sound & Music

Vibration Shapes Our Reality

Transform your energy through sound, tone, mantra, music, breath and listening awareness.

Cultivate an inner awareness and attune to the essence of Self, the primordial sound that is at the heart of all creation.

Sacred and energised sound filled with love and a high vibration, can bring deep change, healing and transformation. Science tells us that everything is vibration, including us. We can affect and alter our mood and energy through the use of guided and intentional sound frequency.

Classes & 1-1 Sessions

Through the use of sound, tone, rhythm and singing, we elevate our vibration and open to higher states of consciousness. It’s a journey within, through sound into the silence, the space and essence of our true eternal nature.

You’ll be guided to vocalise sounds to activate and open different energy potentials within you. Held and supported by a bed of sound, connect with your inner resonance, and allow your own healing sound and frequencies to shift energy that no longer serves you, opening into a more expanded, lighter space within you.

Yoga of Sound, Siddhi Shakti

Sessions may combine any of the following elements:

  • TONING. Vocal expression of healing sounds through toning,
  • MUSIC. Guided vocalisation of the sounds from the Indian classical scale from the Hindustanī classical music tradition,
  • CHANTING. Call and response mantra in a rāga based kīrtan format,
  • MANTRA. Repetition of mantra, or japa,
  • SANSKRIT. Guidance in how to connect more precisely to activate the potential contained within the sacred Sanskrit sounds,
  • MEDITATION. Guided meditation,
  • LISTENING. Cultivation of inner awareness, stillness and spaciousness.