Transformation starts from within

Bring your vibration into greater resonance with what you wish to see in your world. ‘Be the change’ in your own life.
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Change your blueprint, change your beliefs, change your world

Unlock your unique gifts. Release blockages to being a more authentic, empowered, passionate and fulfilled version of you.
Shift your mindset. Relieve physical and emotional pain. Ignite Your Spirit is a powerful form of energy healing and spiritual healing. Each session is tailored to your unique circumstances, offered as an online distance healing, or in person.  Typically a session combines intuitive energy healing techniques, spiritual counselling and mentoring, and sometimes mantra and sacred sound healing, to help you release blocks, re-energise, expand consciousness, transform thoughts and beliefs, and live into more self empowerment. As you change your energy, you change your life.
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  • ‘Defrag’ & transform your mental processes, thought loops & limiting patterns
  • Feel more grounded, balanced and relaxed
  • Sleep better, feel more energised
  • Improve your health, vitality & emotional wellbeing
  • Alleviate and manage stress, anxiety & physical pain
  • Connect to your spirit & intuitive guidance
  • Release energetic blocks causing disharmony
  • Heal, transform & empower your relationships
  • Engage your authenticity & empowerment, walk to your own rhythm in life
  • Connect with passion, joy & fun
  • Clear unhealthy habits, self-sabotage & blockages to abundance
  • Clear your chakras, energy field, and subconscious imprints
  • Feel lighter, enthusiastic & connected
  • Change your conversation – release excuses, procrastination, blocks to progress, reboot your energy!

Energy healing and spiritual healing, online and distance healing offered via Skype or in person. Yes, I want to try a session.
IICT Member, Soul Light Energetic Healing

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Book your energy healing session online. Distance healing, and in-person in the Sydney & Lake Macquarie areas. Check the online schedule for available session times. Please get in touch for custom appointment times: 0434 215 408. Series booking discounts and gift vouchers available. Read client experiences & testimonials.