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Yoga of Sound, Mantra

I had the pleasure of participating in a yoga of sound workshop with Siddhi Shakti. This was my first experience of exploring sound work and it was so interesting. I never knew the different ways of forming sounds when chanting and Siddhi Shakti explained it so simply and in such an engaging manner. I felt very comfortable. Also her beautiful voice was an inspiration to follow. I highly recommend these workshops and will be definitely doing more of them in the future.

KimCrows Nest, Sydney

Yoga of Sound, Mantra, Sanskrit

I walked in feeling I had a cloud hanging over me and walked out feeling lighter, brighter, hopeful and smiling!

Siddhi Shakti’s (Diane’s) passion for what she is sharing is infectious. Her practical and articulate approach makes learning easy and enjoyable.

The simple act of slightly altering your pronunciation of words and mantras gives an extra depth and dimension to chanting that has a remarkable effect on your mind, body and consciousness that you didn’t know you could access so easily.  It is beautifully addictive as who doesn’t want more peace, joy and bliss in their life?

I look forward to learning and experiencing more.

Kim M Kinesiologist, Sydney

Corporate Meditation, Spirited in Business

Diane (Siddhi Shakti) ran an exceptional workshop on spiritual development for a corporate audience for Human Power. It was exceptional with many describing a profound impact.

Michelle CrawfordChief ConversationalistBeing More Human

Yoga of Sound, Mantra, Sanskrit

My first experience of Yoga of Sound with Siddhi Shakti was quite amazing and profound. As we moved through the sounds I felt a deep awakening within my heart and within my whole being, a sense of excitement and joy as each cell of my body seemed to be vibrating in resonance. This brought me into a state of bliss and deep connection to the Divine residing within and I felt a sense of lightness and happiness which stayed with me for several days, it felt like something had shifted in my being.  I continue to learn and practice what I have learnt, sometimes as its own practice powerful within itself, and sometimes incorporating the sound into my other spiritual practices which enhances and expands my spiritual experience. Siddhi Shakti teach with openness, patience, good humour and love sharing her understanding and wisdom generously with students. I couldn’t recommend her classes more highly.

CathyReflexologist, Lake Macquarie

Yoga of Sound, Mantra, Sanskrit

I have known Siddhi Shakti for a number of years and have really loved to hear her chanting and experience the energy and confidence when she chants. When she did her training in mantra I was really keen to learn from her and really loved our 1st session. Her insight into sound and healing is profound. I have adjusted my practice as she suggested and it has really helped me in so many ways but one which has been truly unexpected is that I can do my yoga practice with greater strength and capacity. I love it and am so looking forward to what will unfold in future sessions. Thank you so much Siddhi Shakti, you are amazing!

BhadrakaliRegistered Nurse, CooranbongBhadra Kali Energy Healing

Yoga of Sound

It was amazing. I found an internal change that last time I was in your chant class. I was dealing with family health issues and by the end of your class I felt filled with love and joy and peace in a profound way. Thank you…recommend this to all. Amazing.

Joanne DNewcastle

Yoga of Sound

Thanks heaps. It was totally awesome.

MaitreyaSacred Musician, NewcastleMaitreya & Sada

Energy Clearing

Diane de Zylva (Siddhi Shakti) is the perfect channel to release your fears and bring you home to your authentic center. She is a remarkable healer. Her inner stillness is a magnet for positive energy. Our healing session was completely transformational for me. I was able to relax and listen to her soothing voice. I felt extreme comfort and safety – almost floating but safely grounded. The session was pure and simple and I was very refreshed afterwards. The astounding thing is that very evening with extreme gentleness, I shared very important decisions with my mate. They flowed out of me with love, ease, directness, and I felt deeply connected to my own truth. I know the healing session with Diane released a lot of fear and I felt unblocked.

Adria FirestoneAuthor, Life Coach, Speaker. USAAdria Firestone

Energy Clearing

Each week seems to surpass the last. My sessions with Diane (Siddhi Shakti) have exceeded all expectations. During the sessions I am very aware of the power and energy around me. I feel lighter. I’ve released burdens that were holding me back and I realise how much has shifted. Through Diane’s help, I have become somebody who I’m very happy to be.

Noni CarrollPhotographer, SydneyNoni Carroll Photography


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