Soul Advisor – Mantra, A Lifeline in the Midst of Madness

Here's a link to an article I wrote for the May 2023 editor of the Soul Advisor newsletter. Whilst it really only scratches the surface, I hope there is enough in it to encourage your own exploration of this profound science of sound.
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Mantra For Mental Well Being

The use of sacred sound in the form of mantra is a powerful tool to transform our inner landscape. The invoking of the sounds through the use of certain mouth placement creates an energy which promotes changes within our 'beingness'. For…
Siddhi Shakti, Mantra, Sound of the Soul

Yoga of Sound and Mantra Meditation

At our essence we are frequencies of light and sound. Rather than feeling powerless when buffeted by life’s inevitable twists, we can choose to consciously hold ourselves in an internal space of strength, cultivating inner calm and transforming…
Diane de Zylva Meditation Soul Light

Meditation For Mental Health

Imagine what you could achieve if you were operating from a place of deep inner calmness, clarity and vibrant energy. How can you offer your best if you’re strung out and an emotional wreck? Now significantly mainstream, managing one's…
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10 Benefits Of Mantra Meditation

Our modern life is awash with a confounding amount of choice and complexity, information and decisions on a daily basis. It’s easy to become overloaded and stressed, and for many we can opt unhealthy ways to numb the noise or seek to escape.…
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Transformation Through The Power Of Healing Sound

The use of sound, particularly sacred and energised sound, filled with love, intent and a high vibration, can help us effect deep change, healing and transformation. On a physical level it can support stress reduction. Spiritually, it helps…
Siddhi Shakti Mantra and Sanskrit Classes

Learn To Pronounce Sacred Sanskrit Sounds

Deepening your experience of the transformational essence of mantra and the science of the sacred sound can take your chant practice into a whole other dimension, particularly when you’re able to combine skill and devotion in the production…
Mantra, a doorway to the eternal self_SiddhiShakti

Mantra As Mind Medicine

Mantra, the use of sacred sound, is a tool for the mind, heart and soul, a vehicle for connecting us with our eternal nature, beyond the limitations and noise of the mind. Throughout the ages across different traditions and varied cultures,…
Corporate Chant Experience, Siddhi Shakti

Corporate Chant: Rock Your Wellness World!

It's the next wave in wellness, following on from the physical based forms of yogāsna that have been so widely embraced by the West in recent decades. The benefits of a group facilitated sound immersion and chant experience are myriad, but…