Yoga of Sound, Mantra & Sanskrit


Thanks heaps. It was totally awesome.

MaitreyaSacred MusicianMaitreya & Sada
Joanne D

It was amazing. I found an internal change that last time I was in your chant class. I was dealing with family health issues and by the end of your class I felt filled with love and joy and peace in a profound way. Thank you…recommend this to all. Amazing.

Joanne DNewcastle

Practice on retreat was amazing!!

Wendy CCentral West NSW

Awesome…looking forward to more!

Rosemary MSydney

Corporate Meditation & Energy Healing Clients

Michelle Crawford

Diane ran an exceptional workshop on spiritual development for a corporate audience for www.humanpower.com.au. It was exceptional with many describing a profound impact. Thanks.

Michelle CrawfordChief ConversationalistBeing More Human
Adria Firestone

Diane de Zylva is the perfect channel to release your fears and bring you home to your authentic center. She is a remarkable healer. Her inner stillness is a magnet for positive energy. Our healing session was completely transformational for me. I was able to relax and listen to her soothing voice. I felt extreme comfort and safety – almost floating but safely grounded. The session was pure and simple and I was very refreshed afterwards. The astounding thing is that very evening with extreme gentleness, I shared very important decisions with my mate. They flowed out of me with love, ease, directness, and I felt deeply connected to my own truth. I know the healing session with Diane released a lot of fear and I felt unblocked.

Adria FirestoneAuthor, Life Coach, Speaker. USAAdria Firestone
Noni C

Each week seems to surpass the last. My sessions with Diane have exceeded all expectations. During the sessions I am very aware of the power and energy around me. I feel lighter. I’ve released burdens that were holding me back and I realise how much has shifted. Through Diane’s help, I have become somebody who I’m very happy to be.

Noni CSydney
Veronica K.

Skilled, considerate, concise healer.

Veronica K.Sydney

As someone new to spiritual healing, I wasn’t sure what outcomes to expect from the sessions or at what level. I can honestly say that after our session, I felt incredibly calm and in the weeks that followed felt I had much more positive outlook both at home and at work, with things that would usually make me unsettled not affecting me as they usually would. Diane has a very reassuring presence and I felt completely relaxed throughout the whole sitting. Highly recommended.

Lucy LSydney

My life has totally changed in 5 months.


Crystal clear awareness, deep connection, a powerful healer.

Name withheld Sydney

Powerhouse, gets to the core issues.

Name withheldSydney

Confidence that encourages others, grounded with a generous heart.

Name withheldSydney
Soul Light Energetic Healing, Ignite Your Spirit