What Difference Can I Make, Siddhi Shakti

What Difference Can I Make?

I’ve wondered this at different moments in life. Most recently feeling helpless watching the devastating toll of the bushfire season in Australia, the massive loss of human, animal and plant life, and the depressingly inadequate responses from our political leaders to address or even acknowledge the root causes of the unfolding disaster.

It’s easy to plug into the collective anger, disbelief and despair, and to feel powerless. But how totally amazing and inspiring to see the leadership, inspiration and activism from the new generation – the likes of Greta Thunberg that have given voice to the mood of millions and mobilised communities globally to take to the streets.

Its reminded me that in every moment, I have a choice. My choice matters, and if all of us collectively exercised this power, we could affect great change. We vote with our dollars, with what we choose to consume. Every time I forget my reusable coffee cup and opt for the disposable cup – I’m choosing convenience and actively ignoring the environmental cost of my choice. Pretend though we might, because we’re busy, or focussed on what we’ve collectively been told is most import – jobs, productivity, the economy – if we’re honest, in our heart of hearts, we know too much now about what’s really at stake.

So, in my own small ways, I’m choosing positively. Less packaging, less single use plastic, less driving where I can. For the first time ever I actually wrote a letter to my MP, to make my views known, and to express how I wish my vote to be represented in parliament. I’ve chipped in with donations to charities that are helping on the ground, as well as supporting tree planting reforesting programs.

I’m also doing my bit energetically and vibrationally. Energy healing is wonderful to shift stuck and heavy fear based energy,  thought forms – individual and collective, and for relief of suffering of sentient beings. I’ve been blessed to learn and to be able to offer mantras for healing and balancing the earth and elements. At a recent chant event I was leading in Sydney, it was a powerful and profound experience for the group to offer their love and intention through our collective shared voices. We felt we’d shared something quite special through the combined power of chant and prayer – an amazing service to offer love and energetic support for those in need.

Our choices, thoughts, attitude and actions do matter, and all make a difference, in small ways, every day, even when it’s not immediately apparent.

I need someone to talk to

Inspirational Listener. Connect. Be Heard.

I woke up the other day, and for whatever reason, I was overcome by an overwhelming feeling of loneliness and being alone. When I thought about it, it made no sense. I have a loving family, although we don’t live in close proximity, I have some deep and wonderful friendships, and I am connected to a very supportive spiritual community.

It occurred to me that many people must feel this way. Further confirmed when I started reading Brené Brown’s Braving the Wilderness that ‘rates of loneliness are rapidly increasing in countries around the world’.

Having trained as and practised as an intuitive energy healer, part of what I do is listen to what is troubling people. But I also remember back to many years ago living in London and workshopping what I was going to ‘do with my life’ with a friend. I came up with ‘Inspirational Listener’.

Great – what do you ‘do’ with that?

Well, many years have passed, and I think a realisation has dawned that I can offer my deep capacity to connect, listen and help others be heard.

I certainly can’t promise that we can ‘fix’ whatever is troubling you, and maybe nothing is troubling you. Maybe you just need someone to connect with. As an inspirational listener I offer you a window of time in which I will actively listen to you.

So why not connect online? A chat, virtual coffee, or energy clearing session, mantra coaching or one of the group guided meditations – it doesn’t really matter which – it’s just a chance to connect. There are range of options for you to choose from.

For those in Australia that are experiencing crisis, please consider reaching out to Lifeline or BeyondBlue that offer amazing support services.