Siddhi Shakti Mantra and Sanskrit Classes

Deepening your experience of the transformational essence of mantra and the science of the sacred sound can take your chant practice into a whole other dimension, particularly when you’re able to combine skill and devotion in the production of sound.

I love sharing what I’ve learned in this area. Truly I wish I’d known about this years ago. When you realise that there are nearly double the sounds in Sanskrit compared to our Western alphabet, not knowing how to make the full range of sounds is the equivalent of trying to make a complex meal with only a couple of spices instead of a whole pantry. There’s so much more energetically you could be experiencing by connecting more precisely with the sacred sound frequencies of Sanskrit.

Learning the Sanskrit sounds – a customised programme for you

I’m not a Sanskrit scholar, but I have been taught a framework that I love to share – a breakdown of simple steps to understand and experience the key mouth positions, the distinctions between the sounds, including vowel lengths and why that matters. Once you understand this you will be able to interpret any correctly marked up transliterated Sanskrit text. You don’t need to understand the Devanāgarī traditional script to learn the pronunciations.

Experience the vibration of the sacred sounds – what you’ll learn

  • Experiential and interactive – feel the unique vibrations as you connect more precisely with the sacred sound frequencies of Sanskrit
  • Understand the science behind the Sanskrit language – the journey of consciousness into form
  • Experience the five key mouth placements for accurate Sanskrit pronunciation
  • Accurately pronounce the 50 Sanskrit letters
  • Understand how to interpret the romanised markups, the International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration (IAST), to accurately read transliterated Sanskrit
  • The body of sound meditation practice – tune your body as an instrument of sacred sound
  • Learn commonly mispronounced yogāsana terms and accurate pronunciation for common poses
  • Move into deeper states of meditation and silence

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If you’re interested in private or group sessions, continuing education for your yoga practice, retreats, workshops or festivals, I can customise a program to suit your timeframe, audience and requirements. Contact me