Yoga of Sound

Experience deep transformation through the power of mantra and healing sound

Soul Light Siddhi Shakti Diane de Zylva Mantra Online

Experience the profound internal connection possible through a guided yoga of sound (nāda and bhakti yoga) playshop. Access deeper states of meditation, connect to the power of your authentic resonance and the greater field that connects all life.

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  • Sound Based Playshops


    • Destress – shift from the sympathetic into the parasympathetic nervous system
    • Still your mind with mantra meditation and meditative voice exercises
    • Utilise breathing techniques and simple body movements to support relaxation
    • Connect with your authentic and unique sound resonance and vibration
    • Lift your resting state of feeling through the use of high vibration sound frequencies
    • Align more fully with all parts of your being – body, mind and spirit
    • Cultivate listening awareness
    • Express your creative essence and feel the empowerment that comes from expressing your unique sound
    • Experience vocal practices to enhance fluidity, clarity and resonance in your sound
    • Share connection, community and bonding
    • Go beyond barriers of race, gender or age
    • Connect with the greater field that connects all of life
  • Professional Tailored Experience

    • Conferences, workshops, seminars, functions
    • Team building, leadership days, retreats
    • Wellness, stress reduction, mentoring programs
    • Community events
    • Private or group sessions

    Customised to suit your requirements, time frame and audience.

  • Add On: Sounds of Sanskrit

    All of the above, plus for those with a desire to dive deep:

    • Experiential and interactive – feel the unique vibrations as you connect more precisely with the sacred sound frequencies of Sanskrit
    • Understand the science behind the Sanskrit language – the journey of consciousness into form
    • Experience the five key mouth placements for accurate Sanskrit pronunciation
    • Accurately pronounce the 50 Sanskrit letters
    • Understand how to interpret the romanised markups – the International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration (IAST), to accurately read transliterated Sanskrit
    • The body of sound meditation practice – tune your body as an instrument of sacred sound
    • Learn commonly mispronounced yogāsana terms and accurate pronunciation for common poses
    • Move into deeper states of meditation and silence

    Connect more precisely with the sacred sound frequencies of Sanskrit, deepen your experience of the transformational essence of mantra, expand into spaciousness & experience the love and resonance in your own sound. You don’t need to understand the Devanāgarī traditional script to learn the pronunciations.


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Accredited as a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance.

Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance, Yoga of Sound

Mantra practice literally breaks the habit of your ordinary thoughts. ~ Anandra George