mantra for mental wellbeing siddhi shakti

The use of sacred sound in the form of mantra is a powerful tool to transform our inner landscape. The invoking of the sounds through the use of certain mouth placement creates an energy which promotes changes within our ‘beingness’.

For example, certain vocal sounds will promote the release of nitric oxide within the body, which has an impressive list of natural health promoting benefits, releasing ‘feel good’ chemicals that aid in stress relief, relaxation, boosting the immune system and building resilience.

The use of mantra is a simple, safe and powerful way to give the mind a point of focus, to achieve a state of calmness to help us enter into meditative states of inner stillness and connection. It’s a tool of personal empowerment, to help us reclaim and direct our energies and sometimes turbulent inner landscape into a place of greater clarity, peace and stillness.

There are many studies emerging about the power of mantra to effect change and make a difference in conditions such as PTSD.

It has been a pathway of tremendous personal transformation for myself, and I love sharing these tools of empowerment with others.

If you’re interested in connecting to find out more and experiencing your own mantra practice for mental wellbeing, please get in touch for an obligation free chat. We can arrange 1-1 or group sessions if you have a few people interested. Currently sessions are via Zoom or phone given the restrictions around movement.

No previous experience is required.

Check the event calendar for upcoming Yoga of Sound group classes using sound frequencies and mantra to support mental health and wellbeing.


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