Kale Soup Recipe, Soul Light

Apart from having a passing childhood imagining that maybe I would grow up to be a chef, I would never have thought of jotting down a recipe like this. I don’t think I even considered cooking with kale till a few years ago, when a friend suggested the health benefits of kale and combining these ingredients to come up with this easy kale recipe.

As someone interested in a healthy body to support my meditation, energy healing and spiritual practices, a range of kale dishes have now crept onto the regular dinner menu – healthy, easy, fast and nutritious.

So, if you’re looking for how to cook kale, maybe give this soup a try. It’s become a favourite in our local community. If you enjoy it, maybe you’d like to make a donation to Oz Harvest

Kale Soup Recipe, Soul Light



Thank you to my gifted and inspired friend Annapūrṇa for suggesting this combination of ingredients.






Vitamix blender

And finally if you’re interested in a high quality awesome blender that blitzs this soup in less than a minute, you might consider a Vitamix. I’ve had one for years, and I totally love it. I’m a reseller, so drop me a line if you’re in Australia and are interested in getting one for yourself. There are a range of models, colours and prices.

Vitamix Blenders, Soul Light Energetic Healing