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A one-on-one interactive session tailored to your unique circumstances to help you understand and clear blockages to your well-being. Release blockages to being a more energised, authentic, empowered, passionate and fulfilled version of you. Shift your mindset. Relieve physical and emotional pain. Online & in person.

Session: 60 mins. Please message me if times on offer don’t suit your schedule. Sydney appointments by arrangement.
Money back offer for first time clients: if you don’t feel you benefitted from the session I will offer you a refund.

Most people have challenges to deal with at some point in their life. Perhaps you’re feeling stuck, low energy, lacking direction, depressed, unable to let go of the past, struggling with difficult relationships at home or work, low self esteem, lack of confidence, things just aren’t flowing in your business, or you’re just generally a bit flat?

Given everything is energy – us, our communication, our relationships, our businesses – when we change the energy of a situation, we can experience major shifts where there was previously inertia and difficulty.

Let Your Light Shine, Illuminate Your Spirit

Experience this unique and powerful form of non-touch energetic healing – Ignite Your Spirit (IYS). A guided one-on-one session is an opportunity for your to gain greater clarity and focus about specific areas you want to work on, releasing blockages to wellbeing across the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of your being. It is liberating and empowering, and often a great relief to let go of baggage we are often unaware we are carrying.

I love seeing people break through their limitations, accessing innate knowing and healing capacity, discovering greater empowerment and becoming more of who they were meant to be.

Blaze Authentically, Live Your Purpose

If you’re interested in the wellness of your body, mind and spirit, or just generally want to feel better about yourself, this modality is a powerful means of healing and transformation for the physical, mental and emotional body.  Change your energy, change your life.

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The modality is accredited by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

Soul Light Energy Healing, IICT Member

Ignite Your Spirit Therapy - How It Works

Ignite Your Spirit Therapy (IYS) is a holistic, complementary and non-touch therapeutic modality. It is a combination of energy healing and spiritual counselling that promotes good health of the physical, mental and emotional self.

It works on the energy body (or field) that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body as well as the emotional and mental body. It consists of the aura, chakras and meridians that join them together, is not generally visible to the untrained eye, but is acknowledged and worked on in many other therapies including acupuncture, yoga and pranic healing.

In a session, divine energy is channelled through the hands into the client’s energy field, to clear unwanted thoughts, patterns, emotions, stagnant and congested energy, to assist your journey to balance and wellness.

We can carry stored pain, trauma, distorted energy and emotions within our energy body, aura and chakra system. What we hold in our energy body affects the reality we experience. You may have come across this concept expressed as the Laws of Attraction or Vibration.

These distortions can create blockages to living more peaceful, joyous and empowered lives, and limit a clear connection to our higher selves.

By changing your energy, thoughts and vibration, you can start to change your life and what you attract.

Whilst energy healing has been practiced for thousands of years by cultures around the world, it is only now being recognized by modern science, with hospitals around the world using energy healing as an adjunct to treatment.

Change Your Energy, Change Your Life

This powerful modality works on multiple levels of the energy body, assisting clients to:

Heal, transform and empower relationships
Develop greater self esteem and confidence
Improve health, vitality and emotional wellbeing
Feel more peace, joy, stability and empowerment
Alleviate stress, anxiety and physical pain
Clear stagnant energy and blockages to growth and fulfilment
Unburden baggage from the past
Release limiting thoughts and beliefs, both conscious and unconscious
Feel lighter, more enthusiastic and connected with life
Clear stagnant energy and blockages from chakras, aura and the energy body.

Natural healing, or energy healing, is not intended to replace modern medicine, but can offer great benefits working in conjunction with it.

A Complementary Modality

Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) therapy
Is a holistic therapeutic modality that works with a person’s thoughts, belief systems, emotions and energy body. It incorporates aspects of mindfulness, along with affirmations and clearing the energy field of patients, and draws some influences from elements of reiki and pranic healing modalities.
Dr Beth Dupree, Medical Director of the Holy Redeemer Breast Health Program, and Adjunct Professor of Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania, has invited IYS therapists into her operating room and likens the approach to quantum healing, where different aspects of the patient are being addressed simultaneously by work on both physical and energetic levels. Refer to her blog for details:

I’m Not Sure I Believe In This

How many times have you had a feeling or sixth sense about something? Walked into a room and knew that something was going on, even though everyone claimed everything was fine? Or got the creeps about a place?

Is there person you don’t enjoy spending time with because you feel drained afterwards, or conversely people you love to be with because you feel energised and great?

Do you feel refreshed and uplifted if you spend time in nature, at the beach, in a park?

If you can relate to any of this, it’s because you’re interacting energetically with people and surroundings. Over time if we don’t clean our energy bodies, we can start to feel sluggish and depleted as chords of attachment from our daily interactions continue to drain our energy.

Ignite Your Spirit therapy assists us to shift unwanted energetic drains from our energy fields. Why not come in for a energetic cleanse? You will probably feel lighter and freer, like a weight has been lifted from you.