Soul Light Energetic Healing Diane de Zylva Siddhi Shakti FAQs

What is an energy clearing session like?

A session is approximately 45 minutes. For an initial consultation please allow an hour.

Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) is a no touch energetic modality with clients invited to sit in a chair fully clothed.

The modality removes stale or stuck energy causing blockages to vital energy that may be occurring in some or many parts of the energy body. If left to accumulate, stale or stuck energy may contribute to physical, mental or emotional illness or imbalance. When blockages are removed, vital energy flows into the physical body, mind and emotional body helping it to re-balance stimulating physical and mental healing, a calm mind and a sense of deep inner peace.

The client sits upright in a chair with an open posture – palms facing up, feet flat on the floor. There is no physical contact between the client and therapist.

An initial scan of the client’s energy body in consultation with what the client presents with, guides the focus of the session on the physical, mental, emotional or soul bodies.

We sweep out the energy body, chakras and aura and may ask the client to set intention and repeat release affirmations to assist stagnant energy to leave. The session may also incorporate spiritual guidance and mentoring.

Are there any side effects?

During the session you may feel energy moving in or out of your body in the form of tingling or heat. Old thoughts or emotions may however arise, and it is best to treat oneself gently after a session and to avoid alcohol for that day. Sometimes people can feel a bit emotional but this will pass after all the old energy releases. This is a healthy part of the healing process and may last a day or two leaving you fresher, lighter, calmer and more peaceful.

Will I notice the difference immediately?

Many clients report feeling a deep sense of peace and relaxation at the conclusion of the session. The healing may also continue to unfold for some days afterwards.

Distance healing – do I have to be physically present?

This modality is not restricted to the client and therapist being physically in the same location. Distance healing can be conducted via Skype or phone.

Do I need more than one session?

It is generally helpful to schedule a series of appointments to help anchor lasting changes. A series of sessions help us to uncover layers to get to the root cause of a challenge, though most people generally report feeling benefits even after 1 consultation. Just consider how long you’ve been dealing with your current circumstance and recognise that sometimes it takes sometime to reset patterns and programs. After all you don’t just go to the gym once and expect an instant transformation – nice thought that would be! I am happy to work about a series plan for you should you wish to commit to a set of consultations up front.


Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) was developed by Shakti Durga.  IYS is an accredited healing modality with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

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Spiritual name

Many traditions use spiritual names to help people get more in touch with their highest, divine purpose. Whether Buddhist, Hindu, Christian or Islamic, a spiritual name is often more closely aligned with your soul and your soul’s purpose. The name actually emerges from the soul of the student.  When someone’s spiritual name is used, their energy field is generally more expanded and robust.