Workplace Meditation: Power Up

Imagine what you could achieve if you were operating from a place of deep inner calmness, clarity and vibrant energy.

How can you or your people offer your best if you’re strung out and an emotional wreck?

Diane de Zylva Corporate Meditation Soul Light

Business Meditation

Corporate Mindfulness Soul Light Energy Healing

In house guided meditation for your workplace team.

Support the wellbeing of your most valuable assets – your people.

Experience techniques to enhance clarity, productivity and personal connection.

Build resilience. Alleviate stress. Access creative and inspirational states of awareness.

Cultivate positive mental mindset, and responsiveness rather than reaction.

Enhance the quality of your interactions operating from a stronger, clearer internal compass.

If you’d like to organise a one-on-one or group session for yourself, workplace or community, please get in touch.

Spirited in Business: Power Up. Reboot, Reset, Re-energise.

business meditation Siddhi Shakti Diane de ZylvaBuild team connection, trust and cohesiveness with an interactive playshop with a difference.

Enhance resilience, creativity and inspired leadership.

Experience simple skills to better manage your personal and team energy, time pressures and challenges.

Connect with greater inner calm, productivity, authenticity and personal empowerment.

These guided interactive sessions can shift blockages to team trust, connection, effective collaboration and flow.

If you’d like to organise a one-on-one or group session for yourself, workplace or community, please get in touch.

For group sessions, the collective energy of the group generally informs the theme of the session. We find that the group members often have great insight and wisdom for each other – it’s a profound and powerful form of transformation to reboot, reset and re-energise.

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Benefits of Corporate Meditation

Here are links to some articles about companies implementing meditation in the workplace and some of the benefits which include reduced sick leave, enhanced creativity, greater emotional intelligence and capacity to communicate with colleagues, stress reduction, improved productivity, increased happiness and work satisfaction, and more…

Harvard Business Review | How Meditation Benefits CEOs

Monash University | The Health Benefits of Meditation & Being Mindful

Arianna Huffington, Linked In | Mindfulness, Meditation, Wellness & Their Connection to Corporate America’s Bottom Line

Henry Stewart, Linked In | Five Big Companies Who Swear By Mindfulness

Chopra Centre | How & Why big Businesses Are Promoting Meditation

Chopra Centre | 5 Ways Meditation Can Benefit Businesses

Huff Post | How Meditation Benefits the Working Brain

The Entrepreneur | Why Meditation Works and How It Benefits the Workplace

Marino Wellness | 9 Incredible Benefits of an Office Meditation Program

  • 2018 Highlights

    Facilitating a Higher Power Leaders Masterclass for senior business executives, Human PowerKerwin Rae Siddhi Shakti

    Strategy day meditation, Being More Human

    Corporate meditation, energy healing and transformation sessions for Kerwin Rae’s team in their Sydney office with Shakti Durga.

Diane ran an exceptional workshop on spiritual development for a corporate audience for It was exceptional with many describing a profound impact. Thanks.

Michelle CrawfordChief ConversationalistHuman Power