Meet Diane de Zylva | Siddhi Shakti

Inspiration and arts, working with leading producers in London and Sydney, then in corporate social responsibility with one of Australia’s leading insurers – success in my early career should have fulfilled me, but all the while something inside was missing.

While searching the world and the world of books, fate brought me to energy clearing – and the results blew my mind. I felt transformed, lighter, more open. Everything is energy – metaphorically and literally. Moving beyond inertia, pain and emotional paralysis starts with a change in energy.

Accredited healer

As an accredited, experienced energy and sound healer, my work brings me tremendous joy. I love helping people break through their limitations and access innate knowing and healing, becoming themselves with more fullness of spirit.

Money-back offer

I feel so strongly about the effectiveness of my modalities that I offer a money-back promise for first-time clients, if you don’t feel you benefitted from the session.