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I think my spirit has always resonated with idealism, inspiration and creativity.

It probably explains why my childhood hero was Superman. As a kid I was enraptured by the lore of King Arthur and the Grail quest. In my early 20s I fell in love with opera and its beauty, spectacle and technical brilliance.

I worked for major arts producers and venues in London and Sydney. The breadth and excellence of what I experienced was the pinnacle of the arts –  inspirational, creative, thought provoking, a social commentary with the ability to shape culture.

‘Artists are the antenna of the race’ ~ Ezra Pound

It opened my eyes to the world, but I wanted to know I was making more of a difference. I moved into the corporate social responsibility sector for one of Australia’s leading insurers. I cared so deeply about environmental issues and wanted to effect change via the might of commerce, and still it wasn’t enough and I left disillusioned. I tried producing environmental stories for community radio 2SER and got to speak with amazing and inspired advocates and environmental champions. I free-lanced in documentary production, helping tell other people’s stories, and all the while, something inside was missing. A feeling that I still hadn’t found what I was looking for.

It was my own questing, after years of searching through different career options, travel and many many books on esoteric subjects that it finally sunk in – nothing external to me was going to subdue the disquiet within.

And so fate brought me to encounter an alternative mode of healing and deep transformation that just blew my mind – Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) energy healing.

I remember clearly stating to the practitioner I was seeing that I didn’t want to end up in an interminable process of talking about the same issue for the next 20 years. I wanted results.

I had explored many different healing modalities over the years, but the difference I felt after just one IYS session really made me pay attention.

The changes in my life and the shifts I felt as I delved deeper were enough to make me want to learn how to do it for myself, and so I undertook the rigorous and challenging training program to qualify as an accredited therapist.

Along the way I have discovered the tremendous joy that comes from being able to assist others on their own healing journey. It’s a great privilege to be entrusted with what clients share about themselves and to facilitate transformation. I love seeing people break through their limitations, accessing innate knowing and healing capacity, discovering greater empowerment, and becoming more of who they were meant to be. I am continually touched by the courage and spirit of people in the face of their challenges in their quest for healing, happiness and wholeness.

Given everything is energy – us, our communication, our relationships, our businesses – when we change the energy of a situation, we can experience major shifts where there was previously inertia and difficulty. So, change your energy, change your life.

This modality is both profound and powerful, and aptly named by its creator Shakti Durga – it really can help ignite your spirit.

I’ve also been blessed to awaken an affinity with the sacred power of healing sound through mantra meditation. I have undertaken deeper training and practice with the transformational essence of sacred sound and am a registered yoga teacher for sound based practices.

It would be my joy to be able to assist you to discover the essence of you, what lights you up, and to help you ignite your spirit through mantra and energy healing. Book a mantra or intuitive energy clearing today.

I’ve worked with both individuals and business groups sharing techniques for inner transformational and wellbeing. So if you’re looking for a speaker or meditation or sound transformation experience/workshop for your event, please get in touch.

‘Do what brings you joy’ ~ Sri Sakthi Amma Narayani

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Yoga Teacher – Yoga of Sound | Meditation Facilitator | Intuitive Energy Healer

A powerful intuitive healer, guided by wisdom, compassion and soulful insight.

I’ve trained through a range of modalities to assist clients in a deep and profound way, alleviating stress and anxiety, transforming blockages to wellbeing, self-worth, authenticity, empowerment, and life and relationship challenges. I’ve opened to the art of healing over many years intense study of energy, consciousness, mantra, meditation and sacred music. I’ve been expanding my connection and relationship with mantra and sacred sound over many years, and am a registered yoga teacher for yoga of sound practices.

I’ve facilitated group guided meditations and energy clearing sessions, as well as masterclasses for senior business leaders and would love to work with you. Please get in touch to discuss a custom program for you.

Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance, Yoga of SoundSoul Light Energy Healing, IICT Member

Life Experience: Corporate & Arts Sectors

My life prior to energy healing includes extensive experience in the arts sector, working for many years with leading arts producers, and at major cultural centres in Australia and London in marketing and production roles.

I’ve worked in production roles with leading factual documentary makers including Smith&Nasht, Essential Media, Real Pictures, Jumping Dog Productions, Wild Fury and Mitra Films, on a range of projects that have screened on the ABC and SBS. My corporate experience includes marketing and project management roles at leading financial services companies, Insurance Australia Group and the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Read music biography.
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The Vision

It is my hope that through the modalities of meditation, energy healing and sacred sound healing – mantra and kīrtan, I can help others uncover a greater resonance with their own truth, and an awakening of greater recognition of our deep interconnectedness with nature and each other, bringing a more enlightened, wise and sustainable approach to our life on this planet, inspiring innovative leadership and solutions and new ways of thinking and being in the world.

Spiritual Name

Siddhi Shakti is the spiritual name given to me by my teacher, Shakti Durga.


I like to support a variety of charities at different times throughout the year including: Green Sakthi (a reforesting program in India) and Oz Harvest.