The Insanity of Stuff, Siddhi Shakti

Have you seen my stuff?
Things are the measure of me

Accumulated proof
I am successful, I am loveable, I am enough

If I have no stuff who would I be?
Stuff defines me

The gaping void within terrifies me
Alone with my pain, my despair, my loneliness and awkwardness

Surely stuff will save me?
I will stuff the hole with stuff

Slaving for stuff, accumulating stuff, drowning in stuff
I sell my soul in the pursuit of stuff

Disconnected from my spirit, from nature, from the very substance of life
Oblivious to the natural world, the web of life and my interdependence with ‘externalities’

Easily disposable, consequence free
The foundations of our life support systems are limitless

Blind to the things that could nurture and uplift me
Terrified of the silence within, I run

Ignoring the whisperings from within
I flog myself in the pursuit of more

Overwhelmed by stuff I cannot possibly use, my stuff needs storage
Overwhelmed by stuff I no longer remember
Overwhelmed by the popular narrative, I am enslaved



In pondering the insanity of our pursuit of stuff I think back to two inspirational writers and speakers I heard some years ago – Dr David Suzuki speaking about ‘continued growth being the mantra of the cancel cell’; and Dr George Ritzer and ‘cathedrals of consumption’ – the new religion. 


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